Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Empty Ball fields and Seasons of Life

Our children are spaced out in ages a little different than the 'normal' age span  in most families.   It's been a bit different but it's been a life full of many more blessings and opportunities that never would have came about if planned out 'normally'.   God is a master planner and His ways are always best! 

Our 2 older boys were well on their way to growing up when our 3rd son was born.  With the awakening of how fast life goes by and children grow up, I've always viewed this last child as one more chance to capture and cherish those fleeting moments of childhood.  

It also presented various opportunities to continue on with mothering duties long after my friend's children were grown and gone.  Things like again returning to sports practices, school plays, church camps and one huge blessing was hanging out with much younger parents!  

That full life, busy parenting season extended itself for several years.   Things like driving children to school.  Counting it up, every morning since 1996, I"ve driven children to school!  Once our older boys could drive themselves, the youngest was just getting started.  This is the last week of school and the last time I will have the joy of the morning rush to get to school and arranging of schedules for school pick up. The youngest son will be able to drive himself to school come fall. It is certainly freeing but also little bit sad to let go of a routine that has been a part of our life for so long. 

On most school days, there is a spot of time between when my job is finished and it is time to pick up the son. That is a perfect time for a walk!  The usual walking route takes me through a sports complex with ball fields in the middle.  Through the year, while I'm walking, children are usually getting ready for afternoon practice. This week is a time in between sports and the fields were empty.  It was almost a sad thing to see but paralleled a portion of my season of life.  With boys we played almost every sport offered.  For years, practice consumed most nights of the week and seemed to leave time for little else.  Now we are down to one sport for only a few months out of the year.  Most of our evenings are empty and spent at home.

During one of those evenings, sweet hubby and I were sitting on the front porch after dinner.  He mentioned how quiet it is where we live.  Quiet in a peaceful sort of way.  A new season of life is forming for us, one that is slower, more peaceful.  It is a season not to look back and wish for the busyness we once had, but to look ahead and see what contentment and joy can be found in this new season.  I'm believing that although our future looks differently than it ever has, the best is yet to come. 

Seasons come and go usually quicker than we can adapt.  Those harried days of 'this too shall pass' will be gone in the blink of an eye. May we be encouraged to embrace each season of life, fully live and love the blessings that come with it and when the new one comes into sight, reach out and grab it with an expectation and anticipation that it will bring a joy of it's own. 

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