Monday, June 5, 2017

30 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

"What are your colors?"  That is the question often asked about a variety of things such as weddings, the baby nursery, kitchens, home decor and clothing accessories.  For those like me who don't have an abundance of color coordination, this question strikes fear deep in the heart!

Home decor is largely enhanced by color. For many years, I used one standard theme and an overload of one dominant color.  This method started out nice, but after a few years (and much time and expense spent on collecting), the theme of ducks and the color mauve make me nauseous!  

But there is an easier way!  Big color effects can come from smaller places.  A central color can be carried out in a variety of spaces, textures and shades.  

Here are 30 easy ways to add color to your home:

  1. Throw pillows (solid or patterned)
  2. Throw blankets
  3. Pillar candles
  4. Votive holders or candlesticks
  5. Fresh flowers or house plants with colorful foliage
  6. Flower or plant pots
  7. Vases
  8. Art
  9. Picture frames (colorful frame or neutral frame with colorful pictures, paper, fabric inside)
  10. Mirrors with decorative frames
  11. Rugs
  12. Trays
  13. Lamps (base or shade)
  14. Books (make a color coordinated stack or cover old books with colorful paper or fabric)
  15. Decorative boxes
  16. Curtain panels
  17. Accent furniture (accent table, stool, ottoman, bench, chair)
  18. Lanterns
  19. Figurines or sculptures
  20. Decorative bowls
  21. Clocks
  22. Baskets (painted, dipped, or lined with fabric)
  23. Table runner, place mats, cloth napkins
  24. Tea towels,
  25. Hand towels and bath towels
  26. Knobs or drawer pulls
  27. Bookends
  28. Soap dispenser
  29. Monogram letters
  30. Paper garlands
Once a favorite color is decided upon, based on your individual preference, finding accents to coordinate can actually be a little bit fun!  

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