Wednesday, June 28, 2017

AAAHH - Avocado!

It is interesting to keep up with the latest findings on what food is healthy.  For years things like coffee and eggs have bounced between being good for you and then again, maybe not.  Since I'm fiercely dedicated to a morning cup of coffee, my choice is that yes, it is all good!

Lately the subject of healthy fats and their benefits are front and center.  Fat is a nutrient necessary for your health. While various fats in foods have different effects on health, some fats offer health-protective benefits. From lowering bad cholesterol and helping shed excess weight to giving you shiny hair and healthy nails, your body will reap the benefits of these healthy fats.

Avocados are a great source of good fat.  The benefits of avocados are so numerous that they’re one of the healthiest fruits you can consume. They’re rich in monounsaturated fats, which raise levels of good cholesterol while lowering the bad.  Plus, it’s chock-full of healthy protein.

I am usually quick to improve my health by eating what is healthy.  Avocados seem to be a fantastic food to inject into the diet....if you like them!  This is simply one food I cannot enjoy in its original state.  But with so many benefits, and after some digging to find others ways to incorporate it in my diet, I found a few suggestions. 

1. Use avocado in place of butter or shortening to make an ultra rich chocolate frosting:  HERE is the recipe. 
2. Thicken soups or sauces with avocado instead of heavy cream.
3. Add an avocado to the top of your next salad or burger.
4. Avocado, Egg, and English Muffin Sandwich.
5. They make great additions to smoothies.  Here are a few recipes to try:
Apple and Avocado Smoothie
Healing Avocado Smoothie  - when you're not feeling well, a perfect immune boost.
Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
Chocolate Avocado Smoothie - adding chocolate makes anything better!

These are easy ways to bypass any unappetizing hang ups you may have about avocados and still reap the healthy benefits.

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