Monday, July 24, 2017

Setting the Right Priorites

Priories - A thing that is regarded as more important than another. They are spoken loudly through our actions, the way we spend our time and how we invest our energy and effort. In our busy pace culture, if we don't define our priorities, the daily demands of life will set our priorities for us. 

How do we label our priorities when we are often needed is so many areas?  Why are you here and what do you want to accomplish, is the foundational question. 

What are your current priorities?  Consider what your priorities look like and how you would like them to be different. After pinpointing your present priorities, here are a few  questions that can help us to make appropriate adjustments: 

1. What is your most cherished/important role?
Start by writing down all the roles you play. Are you a teacher, sister, mom, wife, chauffeur, chef, banker, daughter, Jesus-follower?  List your roles. All of them.
After making a list of your roles, begin ranking them. Cut them out if you have to and begin arranging them in order of importance. Then rewrite your list in order of importance.
Recognizing your most important role(s) creates a filter by which you will set your priorities and ultimately the rhythm of your life.

2. What do you want to accomplish in your roles?
Using the list you already created, begin addressing goals for each particular role.
As a mom, we may have a goal  to raise godly men and women. Maybe your goal as an employee is to be recognized by your employer. Whatever your objective, write it down.
Then ask yourself these questions: 
  • Do your goals align with the intentions God has for that role? 
  • Does the way you spend your time and money reflect the end goal? 
  • What needs to receive less attention so those items at the top of your list can receive more?

3. How do you want to be remembered?
On a separate sheet of paper, make some notes about how you want to be remembered.
Your desired legacy will hopefully mirror your new list of priorities and your life’s mission. There is a direct correlation between your priorities and your legacy.
I once heard a pastor say, “No one ever stumbles into godliness.” Choosing to live out a godly life requires intentionality—a mission and purpose.

Setting the course of your life and legacy requires intentional choices to say “no” to those items further down the list so we can “yes” to our most important roles and goals.  This exercise can put us on the path to being intentional in all we do. 

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