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Savor the Season

We've welcomed November and watched as it moves quickly along! One week from today is Thanksgiving - which switches our lives into holiday mode for the rest of the year.

Looking ahead, we know these days will be filled with more activity, more tasks, busyness and a shift from our normal routines.

When we look at the holidays from that perspective, it makes my heart rate increase and an anxious feeling begin in stomach! But as a Christian, I know there is a beauty in savoring the season when I remind myself that these days can be filled with peace and joy instead of dread and anxiety.

Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are opportunities to sit and ponder the blessings of God. We begin by counting our blessings and thanking Him for them. This often requires us to look past our pain, struggles and situations and look for a spark of hope, a tiny thread of something good we can grasp. When we look, we can always find something good and something to be thankful for.

This season offers opportunities to offer kindness, love, hospitality and grace to friends and family. If we begin to settle in our heart to savor the season first, we won't get wrapped up in all the things we have to do, but enjoy what the blessing of these holidays represent. 

I have found in my life, especially in the empty nest years, the greatest joy comes from simply being with loved ones. Sharing food, conversation, welcoming others to join us creates a fullness and contentedness of God's blessings flowing all around.

Will you join me in preparing to savor the season this year? To purpose to sit with the Lord and remember His goodness, reflect on His faithfulness. Begin each day by seeking a gift He has given to us. Look for His love and how daily, He loads us with blessings. 


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