Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Relationships and Redemption

In every friendship or relationship, there is a common hope that they will grow and flourish. There is something inside of us that longs for a 'happy every after' story. We dream about it and work to make that happen.

But in reality, relationships are a challenge. The bridging of values, lifestyles, interests and sacrificing for another are simply hard things to do! No matter how much we dream of the perfect fit, some relationships will not endure the stress. 

When differences appear and tensions arise, prayer can change situations, attitudes and ourselves. For the Christian, we know God can transform, change, heal. We cannot change others, but prayer opens us the door for God to step in and answer. God desires transformation, but does not demand it. The gift of free will allows us to choose to say Yes or No to Him. 

Romans 12:18 says, “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

Take notice of the first two words: “If possible …”

This implies that sometimes you can do what’s necessary to have peace, but if another person isn’t willing or isn't capable of working toward peace, sometimes it isn’t possible to live at peace with them.

Unless two people in a relationship are humbly willing to come together and do the work, sometimes we have to learn to move on when a relationship doesn’t.

Even if your situation doesn’t allow for relationship reconciliation and you find yourself saying a necessary goodbye, redemption with God is still yours for the choosing.

God can redeem your life, even if damaged human relationships don't come back together. 

Reconciliation or not, God will breathe redemption into the shattered pieces of your story and create something new and more beautiful than ever before. In His way. In His timing.


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