Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunday Blessings

Let's take a look at Family 1 on a Sunday Morning:

"I can't find my socks!" the young boy cried out, his voice filled with despair.
"And I've lost my Bible," his sister chimed. "Cant' find it anywhere!"

"Mom, what's to eat?" the toddler cried, still in his little PJ's.
"I don't know," his mom replied. "I haven't bought groceries for days!"

Dad got up and wandered down the hall, "Hey honey...where's my tie?"
"Don't ask me now, I"m ironing," came mother's sharp reply.

The baby then woke, some milk got spilled, a fight broke out between two.
Dad burnt the toast, brother flipped on the TV - oh, what's a mom to do?

Arising late this family found chaos at every turn,
each Sunday morning this same scene played
- you'd think they would have learned!

Finally at church safe and sound but stressed out to the max -
wishing the service would soon be done so they could go home and relax.

But returning home they found a mess, the house now out of order,
and with no food, Dad soon had to make a quick "run for the border"!

The rest of the day was catch up time- where was the Lord in this?
On this, His day, did he have a plan this family completely missed?

This little poem was found in the book "A Life That Says Welcome" b Karen Ehman and is part one in a two part series of Sunday morning poems. I think we can all find a few things that ring true through this!

At our home, our Sunday mornings are not perfect and we have our share of flair ups, but through the years, we are learning things that work and things that don't! "Sunday Blessings" is devoted to making Sundays special in our homes.

For this week, let's look over the poem and identify some things that surely will NOT work!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Been there, done that! We try to have everything complete for Sabbath on Friday afternoon so that we don't have to face the stress on Sabbath morning. It was one of the best habits I've ever implemented!

  2. Oh boy - that was a stinger. Did you enjoy Karen's book? I remember (now) hearing about this book and thinking I would enjoy reading it...and completley forgot about it until you just mentioned it. I'm curious again...


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