Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just For the Joy Of It - Simple Sunshine!!

Last weekend we enjoyed one of those glorious fall days where the sun shone brightly and the air was crisp and clear. I was inside doing some cleaning when my son asked me to go outside with him for him to get his football.

For some reason, he is afraid of dogs and won't go outside by himself for fear that a dog may come up. So, I stood on the steps for him to get his football.

The day was just breathtaking and as I stood on the step and breathed in the the beauty of brilliant sunshine and fresh air, I took a seat on the steps to enjoy the moment.

My son must have caught the beauty of the day also, he detoured and sat down to play in the sand a moment:

He sat engrossed in the sand, I sat engrossed with the beauty of the day. It was a time to stop and enjoy a moment - just for the joy of it!

The forgotten football found under my resting feet!

I'm planning to take advantage of more of these beautiful moments!!


  1. There is nothing like a beautiful day to refresh the soul. I love being outside when it's nice like that. Your son is a cutie!

  2. Sounds like ya'll have been having the beautiful weather we've been having too! Just makes me want to be outside all the time :) Your little boy is adorable!

  3. indeed! what a blessing to have a moment to pause and rejoice. thank goodness for lost footballs and little boys!!

  4. Don't you love it when God grabs you and says "Hey! pay attention!" He does that so often through my kids. :)

  5. How nice that it is still "barefoot weather" at your has gotten so chilly here! Glad you had the day to enjoy:)

  6. Those gorgeous fall days are treasures, aren't they? What a handsome boy you have.


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